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yFiles is the industry-leading software library for diagramming. For over 20 years, companies and institutions have been using this SDK to depict, edit, and analyze their connected data.

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The benefits of diagramming

Data visualization — creating graphs or diagrams — is a key technique for analyzing large amounts of information and making data-driven decisions. In our Big Data world, this has become even more important.
Understanding trends, patterns, and outliers is crucial to successfully navigating digital transformation in Industry 4.0.

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Experience the direct impact of data in real time. Work with your dataset and see how the changes affect certain aspects of the graph. This can deliver valuable insight into past developments and present events, and improve future projections.
Multiple points of view broaden the horizon. Change your perspective with just one click: get an overview or explore a specific area in detail. Graph visualization puts the possibilities at your fingertips.

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Tap into a human talent: pattern recognition. Graph visualization helps you to recognize patterns and trends at a glance. What’s more, graph analysis algorithms can be used to visualize key information within the data.
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People are very visual. Seeing data as graphs helps you absorb the information faster, explore it intuitively, and work with it more easily. Visualization can help monitor large networks and improve all types of workflows.

What is a diagramming SDK?

If you want to assemble a car, you need parts, tools, and instructions.
Our diagramming SDK (“software development kit”) or diagramming library offers all of this for creating interactive diagrams and visualizations. It’s an easy, flexible way to visualize data without having to reinvent the wheel - or, in this case, the nodes and edges.

The yFiles SDK goes even further and organizes your data into a beautiful graph layout of your choice, with just one click. That’s why we say our SDK also stands for “superior diagramming kit”!

From southern Germany to Silicon Valley

Numerous world-renowned companies, research institutes, and universities rely on the expertise of yWorks.

The world of yFiles

Use cases for our diagramming SDK

The possible uses of yFiles are as versatile as its functions.
Maybe you want to depict company workflows? Incorporate graphs into a software product you intend to sell? Or evaluate Big Data using automatic graph analysis? yFiles supports all this, and more.

Here, you’ll find an overview of use cases, live demos, and applications.
But remember, every project is unique. We can help you realize yours - just get in touch!

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Features & flexibility

yFiles is a powerful and adaptable diagram library.

Choose which parts and functions you need, and create your ideal solution for your specific use case.

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Platforms & integration

yFiles is available in five variants: HTML, Java, JavaFX, WinForms , and WPF.
Thanks to similar APIs across the different technologies, it’s easy to migrate between yFiles products to cover new platforms. So there’s no need to start from scratch when technologies change (and they will)!

yFiles works smoothly with all existing technologies and infrastructures, and can be optimally integrated into any system.

Everything is coming together quickly. I love how extensible this product is.Mark Kowal, Karmatic Consulting

Service & Support

Purchasing a yFiles license gives you access to extensive, sophisticated resources for working with our SDK. If you need further support, we are happy to provide expert services, right from the source.


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Licenses & pricing

We offer a variety of licenses to suit your requirements.

Pay for yFiles once, then use your license indefinitely. We do not charge royalty fees. What’s more, yFiles is a white-label software product.

You can choose to add an annual subscription for maintenance and support.

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