visualize connected data?

Graph visualization is a key element for analyzing complex information and making data-driven decisions. They let you easily identify and understand relationships, patterns, and outliers. In today’s big-data world, this is more crucial than ever.

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Clear & easy
People are very visual. Seeing data as graphs helps you absorb the information faster, explore it intuitively, and work with it more easily. Visualization can help monitor large networks and improve all types of workflows.
Multiple points of view broaden the horizon. Change your perspective with just one click: get an overview or explore a specific area in detail. Graph visualization puts the possibilities at your fingertips.

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Experience the direct impact of data in real time. Work with your dataset and see how the changes affect certain aspects of the graph. This can deliver 体彩票赛车开奖结果号码预测稳准 赛车游戏统计计算开奖软件 into past developments and present events, and improve future projections.
Tap into a human talent: pattern recognition. Graph visualization helps you to recognize patterns and trends at a glance. What’s more, graph analysis algorithms can be used to visualize key information within the data.

What sets
yWorks apart?


yWorks has been providing graph visualization solutions for over 20 years. Building on our university background, we combine the latest scientific findings, current technological standards, and profound software development expertise – to bring the future of graph visualization to life. We aim to deliver optimum advice and support for every use case you can think of.


With more than 1 million users and customers in over 60 countries, yWorks is trusted by many different types of companies around the world. Our customers value our experience and appreciate our enthusiasm. Plus our graph drawing algorithms are second to none.


We offer solutions for almost every technology and platform. Each customer benefits from direct support provided by our core developers and graph visualization specialists. We are proud to offer the industry-leading software library for visualizing, editing, and analyzing graphs.

Make the most of your connected data!

A graph laid out automatically with yFiles

Add value to your data
by visualizing it –
the results will look amazing!

From southern Germany to Silicon Valley

Numerous world-renowned companies, research institutes, and universities rely on the expertise of yWorks.

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yFiles - the diagramming SDK

yFiles ‑ the diagramming SDK

yFiles is the industry-leading software library for graph and network visualization, editing, and analysis.

The well-documented software development toolkit offers you every conceivable possibility to create custom graph software, interact with your data, and gain deeper insights. If there is a solution, you can find it with yFiles!

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The diagram editor family

Whether you are a software developer or not, creating diagrams with our intuitive family of diagram editors will make you happy!

Choose between the free and powerful desktop application yEd, its lightweight, modern online version yEd Live – also free of charge – and the specially adapted version Graphity for Confluence. Graphity offers enterprise features for teams like collaborative working and user rights management.

Our graph editors can be used to quickly generate high-quality network drawings. They let you do it all: from creating diagrams manually to importing your data for analysis. The automatic layout algorithms arrange even large data sets at the press of a button.

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The diagram editor family

yWorks services

As the diagramming experts, we offer a comprehensive range of services.
From software support to training courses – everything you need to work successfully with data structures, complex algorithms, and 极速赛车【168的官方】直播现场 极速赛车-开奖赛果和结果记录 visualization.

Learn from yWorks: We invite you to participate in our free webinars, customized online seminars, and coaching sessions.

Get support from yWorks: We offer rapid support during your project, as well as professional workshops and in-depth consulting services.

Delegate tasks to yWorks: Let us take care of project reviews, code reviews, coding, and more.


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